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Scott and Lexi’s wedding has hit the pages of Seattle Bride Magazine and is available next week! It was a joy to capturing the wedding day through filmmaking, and participate as part of a FANTASTIC team of vendors!


It was the perfect August day. A misty morning with the much prayed for rain to extinguish the summer fires and clear out the smokey haze. When pressed the decision to continue on with outside festivities as planned, or move things indoor for fear of further rain, Lexi took it in stride. She said, “I am feeling lucky”. It was like the heavens heard her and the sun came out to greet us!


Scott and Lexi thought about every detail of their wedding day. They incorporated everything that made them unique together and as individuals. Naming signature cocktails after their much loved puppies, an arbor with a nod to Scotts Native American heritage, the table names with all the amazing places that they have adventured. EVERYTHING was styled to perfection. It was Lexi and Scotts vision come to life by the hands and mad skills of the girls from Bixby and Pine. They were champions for Scott and Lexi’s wants and needs, and they made sure all of us other vendors had everything we need and made time when we needed it.


At sunset we got to sneak away and the lingering smoke in the air made a romantic haze that we will never forget. And the wind was an enhancement to the electric connection of these two J Their vows to one another were heart felt and full of well thought out promises. There is no doubt that there are many glorious years of adventuring for these two world travelers.


These two are rich in love for each other and from the love of the people around them. Their heart for their community is infectious and it was clear that their people were equally as devoted and loyal to them. It made for a night of fun conversations, outrageous dance moves, and a heck of a lot of joyful celebration!


A huge shout to Sarah Anne Photography for not only some killer images, but for her hospitality in allowing these two bums (*two thumbs pointing at us*) to crash with her for the weekend. It was a blast!


Scott and Lexi Highlights Film from Jeff & Amanda Photography&Films on Vimeo.

We had the pleasure of capturing the Justice and Soul Foundation Fashion SOULstice a couple years back and loved every second of it. So when the opportunity came again this year we could not jump at it quick enough. The talent of these salons is outstanding, and the work that this foundation does for men and women as they transition out of sex trafficking is life changing for so many. They started the program in Cambodia but the mission is to bring these salons and teaching programs across the world including the Seattle area.

Thank you to all the Salons, Supporters, and Volunteers that made this event happen. It was a joy to work with you!

Well Hello Trusted Followers!

It has certainly be a while since our last blog. Although we have failed epically on keeping you updated with our personal and professional lives. We are happy to say that we are doing well and excited about all of the work that we have been doing! We have been continuing the renovations on our first home and are finally feeling like we are almost done (at least for a little while). We have also been capturing and experiencing fantastic love stories, life changing events, bridal showers, parties, and more! It is truly a blessing and privilege to do what we do and our goal from here on out is to keep you updated and in the loop!

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“I have found the one whom my soul loves” – Song of Solomon

Eddie and Alyssa’s wedding was a giant celebration of love, family, and friendship. The weather was gorgeous and the party was out of this world! We loved that they incorporated items that represented their children. Spay painted gold dinosaurs in the floral vases for their son and peaches for their daughter. What a fun celebration of what started as young love, and how it blossomed into this beautiful family! Cheers to forever!

Darin and Kyndra’s Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding was beauty and simplicity done right. The eucalyptus floral crowns paired with pale coral was the perfect choice for her bridesmaids. We loved the laid back boho vibe and were immediately struck by the love and affection these two had for each other, and by the love that their closest friends and family had for them. It was joyful, emotional, and a fantastic party. Everything a wedding should be. We could not be more thankful to Kyndra, Darin, and their circle of friends for making us feel so welcome.