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Bucket List Item #6: Complete a 1/2 Marathon (Check!) // {Snake River near Pullman WA}

Yay! We did it! Don’t you just love it when you complete something that you spent time, energy, and dedication preparing for? Jeff and I have been slowing trying to check items off a bucket list that we began creating after we were married. We were off to a pretty good start. Checking things off here and there. But when we came to the “complete a 1/2 marathon” we knew it would be a little different. This item was not just a matter of driving to a new location or eating something you have never tired before; it was something we would have to train for.  Although it was high on our list we never anticipated getting to it so soon. If it were not for some quality family time at Thanksgiving we may have not have thought to even attempt it this year. But when we found out Jeff’s Aunt was coming to town to run the Snake River 1/2 Marathon, Jeff and I decided we were going to go for it. Although the training lacked a little consistance at times, between school, work, and other obligations. We managed to get ourselves in shape and take on the task. During training I realized running involves a lot of mental strength. Almost as much as the physical strength. When it is cold outside and you have to run an indoor track, it is not necessarily the most scenic experience. We would be running and Jeff would be counting laps around the track and all I could think to myself was how many time could I handle looking at the same four corners of the room before I could not take it anymore. Many times I would say I was tired and I wanted to stop. But the truth was my body was fine and saying it could keep going…but my mind said “Im Bored”.  In the end Jeff and I both found a respect for the art of running and changed our perception of it. In doing so we increased our mental strength.

We arrived early and got our numbers, attached our tracker to our shoes, and prepared for the big event. I was so proud of us! Here are some highlights that my mother in law captured of our race.

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