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Why do we need a wedding film?

With our roots as wedding photographers we understand the value and importance of a photograph. They are beautiful and timeless. But as filmmakers we know that there is nothing like being the stars of your own romance film. You will never be touched more deeply by your sweethearts’ voice, as you will when you hear them talk about all of the reasons why they love you. Like the moment when they knew that you were the one they wanted to spend forever with. If that were not enough to make your heart flutter and make you blush, those sweet words are paired with a high quality cinematic edit of all of the highlights of your wedding day. Things like the details, the little kiss on the shoulder when you embrace after seeing each other for the first time, and the reactions of the people who supported you and watched your story grow. These are all things that mean so much but are often forgotten in the craziness of the day. We feel that every couple deserves to have their love, and all of the things that make them unique, captured and preserved. So that years from now it can be relived and reflected on. To see how your love has grown and changed as you do life together. Weddings are a one day celebration of all of the time, effort, hopes, dreams, joys, and family support that went into the making of your love story and the making of a day that you will have once in a lifetime. We sincerely feel that you are worth it. Don’t you?

Scott + Lexi

“Then one day, when you least expect it, the great adventure finds you.” – Ewan Mcgregor

John + Sara

These two are so stinkin cute! The way they laugh, joke, and celebrate is so fun to watch. The reception was thrown in true Polish fashion, and it was electric! The dance floor, the food, the energy! Congratulations John and Sara! We wish you safe travels through europe and a lifetime of growing together!

Ivan + Katrina

A winter wedding that celebrates both love and heritage 🙂

Eddie + Alyssa

“I have found the one whom my soul loves” – Song of Solomon

Eddie and Alyssa’s wedding was a giant celebration of love, family, and friendship. The weather was gorgeous and the party was out of this world! We loved that they incorporated items that represented their children. Spay painted gold dinosaurs in the floral vases for their son and peaches for their daughter. What a fun celebration of what started as young love, and how it blossomed into this beautiful family! Cheers to forever!


Darin + Kyndra

Darin and Kyndra’s Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding was beauty and simplicity done right. The eucalyptus floral crowns paired with pale coral was the perfect choice for her bridesmaids. We loved the laid back boho vibe and were immediately struck by the love and affection these two had for each other, and by the love that their closest friends and family had for them. It was joyful, emotional, and a fantastic party. Everything a wedding should be. We could not be more thankful to Kyndra, Darin, and their circle of friends for making us feel so welcome.



Jon + Ann

Jon and Ann met in kindergarten and have known each other 20 of the 25 year that they have been alive. Their friendship is something to be admired. Jon’s pursuit for Ann’s heart took patience and perseverance. But all of that work and waiting was certainly worth it. He has a gem in Ann.

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Ann’s dress hung in her window. Bridesmaids bustled about the house while the flower girls showed off their sparkly pink nails, and twirled in their lace dresses.

We are so thankful for these two and their friendship. We have loved learning to dance along side them and try new things with them. We look forward to watching as God grows them, and brings them even closer over the years.



Sean + Heather

When the planner married the free spirit on a beach in September. This intimate gathering of family and friends is one that we will never forget. You could genuinely feel the love like a warm blanket, and we felt like we had known everyone for ages. Sean and Heather are perfect for one another. In the words of Forrest Gump, they “go together like peas and carrots”. It was a magical day! Congratulations Sean and Heather! It was a joy, and something magical, to experience such a special day with you and your families. You are so blessed!

Eric + Danielle

A little bit of country sass, laughter, and a whole lot of love. Eric and Danielle spent months preparing for their intimate wedding ceremony at Eric’s families farm in Matlock Washington. A place that feels like home, and the perfect place to start life as husband and wife.

Matt + Mallory

Girls chatted and reminisced over the sweet sound of old Frank Sinatra records. Friends and family crossed oceans and caught connections to see these two people, two cultures, and two families become one.

Jordan + Nicole

We took a trip to pullman with these two after there Mexico Honeymoon, and it was the best decision! It was a joy to see where these two fell in love and relive our glory days at WSU. These two share a bond that is so unique. They have the same sense of humor, both are incredible cooks, and are wicked smart. Together they are the definition of team. We are so thankful for their friendship and their support in our lives!

Kwasi + Angela

Kwasi, Angela, and friends. These guys sure know how to celebrate. The location was stunning, the couple was beautiful, and the day was priceless. The story of Kwasi + Angela Bowie.


Cody & Rachelle Highlights Film

These two are funny, a little crazy (race car drivers) and an absolute joy to party with. It’s been a pleasure to capture the story of Cody & Rachelle’s special day.


Chad & Hannah Full Feature Film

Hannah has spent several summers living with her Mexico family. She is in love with the language, in love with the people, and she might have just as many people in Puerto Vallarta that love her as she does in the states. So it was a no brainer that she would have her wedding in Mexico where her heart is. The fusion of two cultures and two languages was seamless. Everyone danced, cheered, and were excited to celebrate with Hannah and Chad. The wedding was beautiful. The thunderstorms stopped just before the ceremony and cooled the air a bit so everyone could dance the night away.


Justice and Soul

The Justice and Soul Fashion SOULstice was an incredible night of artistry, and an outpouring of generosity, to help women in Cambodia achieve new goals. Over 70,000 dollars was raised in support of the salon and vocational school in Cambodia, whose mission is to help young survivors of human sex trafficking. It was a pleasure to be involved and an experience we will never forget.

Justice and Soul – Fashion SOULstice 2015 from Jeff & Amanda Photography&Films on Vimeo.

Thanks to incredible volunteers, generous supporters, and a collaboration of artistry, the Justice and Soul Fashion SOULstice was a success! Over 70,000 dollars was raised in support of the salon and vocational school in Cambodia, whose mission is to help young survivors of human sex trafficking.