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Love Notes



Jon and Ann


Jeff and Amanda have the knack of making us feel at home, akin to childhood friends. When you start with that, they fit into our story perfectly. Jon and I met 19 years ago, as little whippersnappers who were far more concerned with recess than romance. We went to school together from kindergarten through senior year of high school. Jon had the sweetest soul adorned by the cutest cowlick, I liked to beat up the boys (but of course not Jon).

With Jon going off to Michigan for college, we decided the end of senior year would be a good time to start flirting. We actually didn’t start dating, but we stayed connected by many long phone calls. Jon came back to Seattle for school the next year, however, we went our separate ways and dated other people. I finished college, we reconnected and Jon helped me get my current job – which so happened to be the same place where he worked. After months of lunches out, trail runs and other fun outings, Jon informed me that he wanted to date me in the next few years. I wasn’t ready yet, but he was willing to wait. Fortunately, he only had to wait six months (not three years) before I realized I loved him.

When we became engaged, Jon and I knew without a doubt who we wanted as our photographers. After following Jeff and Amanda on Facebook, I was impressed by their quality of work. However, what really spoke to me was the excitement and passion they held for every client. There is nothing fake in their enthusiasm, and I’ve come to see that they are the most genuine and earnest couple. The shoot felt effortless. I don’t know about you, but it can feel odd posing in front of a camera; however, awkward and uncomfortable are two words that never crossed my mind.

For the location, I wanted to be able to look back at photos that held a piece of my family’s history. In 1930, my Great-grandfather bought some property in Anacortes, which was later split among his five children. Summers were filled with creating driftwood rafts, sand castles, fishing, and the poking of sea anemones (don’t tell PETA). I love bringing up friends that can appreciate the peace and beauty of The Beach, and it dawned on me that this would be a perfect opportunity for an exceptional photo shoot. As a Pacific Northwester, I take pride in our rocky beaches, lush greenery, and beautiful mountains. I knew I could trust Jeff and Amanda to capture these elements, while interweaving the love Jon and I share with one another. It was a fun adventure exploring Deception Pass, coming back to the cabin to watch the sunset, and warming up by the fireplace while drinking tea. Not only do Jeff and Amanda deliver a remarkable product, they also create memories in the process. When I look back at these engagement photos, I’ll be thinking about my childhood as well as that time Jon and I made some great memories with new friends.

Kyle and Sue Johnson

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Jeff and Amanda were the videographers at our wedding in Post Falls, Idaho. Jeff and Amanda are very professional, and so incredibly helpful.  Jeff snuck my bridal bouquet to me after I forgot it AND Amanda helped me quickly change into my rehearsal dress when my girls were rocking the dance floor. I’ve heard from family, friends, and the bridal party that Jeff and Amanda pitched in and helped the wedding and rehearsal flow smoothly in more ways then I can count. Both are very personable and everyone raved about how friendly and genuine they were as they filmed. These two are practical and courteous. And the video? I still frequently hear how breathtaking it is. you could not pick a better team to document your special day. If we could give a million stars, we would.

Nick and Kylie Gudmundsson

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Jeff and Amanda are not just amazing photographers they are amazing people too! My husband and I have know Jeff and Amanda since junior high and high school. Ever since I saw the first wedding that they photographed together on their blog I have been in love with their work. Which is why within the first week of being engaged we had already booked them as our wedding photographers. They met with us to find out what photos were most important to us and went on a trip to our venue so we could brainstorm places for specific pictures. On the day of the wedding Amanda was super glued to my side from the moment I started getting ready. She was there to capture every moment and to reassure me that everything was going to be great and that it would all be worth it. Amanda succeeded at all of those things, looking back at the pictures I feel the same way I did when the photo was being taken, everything worked out beautifully and it was most certainly worth it. Jeff was busy photographing the guys and let me just say I knew my husband was sexy but Jeff’s photos make him look like a model (Yummy)! They tag teamed taking photos of our families, the ceremony and all of the other events of the evening . When my husband and I returned from our honeymoon we had Jeff and Amanda over to review the photos. After the first five I realized that I had said ohhhhhh I love this one to all of them, after seeing all 500+ photos there is not one that I don’t love. Every time I hear someone talking about planning a wedding I always give them their website because everyone deserves wonderful photos of the biggest day of their life. Jeff and Amanda make an amazing team they are genuine, talented, professional, fun, adventurous, compassionate, trustworthy and a million other fantastic things everyone wants in their wedding photographers.

Adam and Nicole Hausmann

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My wife and I were together for quite some time prior to our engagement, and the consistent rush of college life impeded any efforts for wedding bells. However, after receiving news of my first base for the Air Force and confirmation of my occupation, coupled with graduation and commissioning approaching quickly, Nicole and I needed a wedding—and fast. Being college students at the time themselves, Jeff and Amanda were no strangers to the value of time and despite the extreme lack of notice, were able to accommodate Nicole and I without the slightest notion of any inconvenience regardless of their schedules, as well as the fact that our wedding would take place during the typical mid-term semester cycle. I understood the stress and burden we placed on their shoulders; however they were up to the challenge.

I sometimes ponder what the conversation between them was like once they found out that our wedding would also be taking place over 350 miles away on a military base. Now on top of the undesirable time, Jeff and Amanda also took on the extra expenditures of gas, possible lodging, and obtaining clearance to even get on the base. Having never met Jeff and Amanda at the time Nicole was planning our appointment with them, I awaiting a phone call or text message from the Dixon’s regretfully having to reject our wedding because of the burdens we kept placing on them. But to my surprise, they came through—exceptionally.

On our big day, Amanda met Nicole early in the morning with a statement that Nicole still remembers to this day, “I’m going to be your new best friend. I will be with you now until you leave for your cabin.” That really struck home with Nicole, and it did great justice shedding light on the type of persona Amanda and Jeff share. I met Jeff on base who arrived punctually despite his unfamiliarity with a military installation, which to me personally speaks the most about someone’s character. We met up with my groomsmen and began taking picture of us “getting ready” to satisfy Nicole’s wishes. That was fun.

During the ceremony itself, Jeff and Amanda blended in to our families like they had been apart of it for years, which was tough to do because they were photographing constantly, but your hardly saw them! I recall talking to them a few times, but throughout our entire schedule with the cake cutting, garter belt pull/toss, numerous dances…etc, they simply blended in with everyone leaving you to enjoy your day while they dealt with virtually anything.

Our wedding day wasn’t a job to them, and everyone could easily see that. They were genuinely happy for us, and were there offering guidance and support for us when we were losing our minds in the stress. Never once did I see anything but a smile on their faces, and never once did I sense anything but sheer class and professionalism. We cannot stress enough how fantastic of a job they did, and how they did it. It’s one thing to hire a professional whose product to show is exceptional, but the means were anything but that. Jeff and Amanda have somehow mastered both the means and the ends, and we highly recommended them for documenting any event worth remembering.